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Take Care of Loved Ones with Senior Care Providers

Senior Solutions for South Florida in Hallandale, Florida, is a team of senior care providers who are dedicated to the best interests of the family member. Call today for an in-home evaluation to learn more about our services and how we provide the same level of care, concern, and compassion as family would if they were here.

We Have You Covered

With Senior Solutions for South Florida working as your local legs, eyes, and ears, you no longer need to shoulder the huge responsibility of caring for distant elders. You can trust our senior care providers to seamlessly manage and coordinate disparate care needs, regardless of your loved one's level of health.

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Peace of Mind Evaluation

Senior Solutions for South Florida conducts a thorough evaluation that provides Peace of Mind to best address each client's needs. We create a written record for the household, as well as a blueprint moving forward. A skilled care manager conducts each in-home evaluation. P.O.M.E. creates a written record of what has occurred and what is occurring in the family household, as well as a blueprint for moving forward. The evaluation covers the following:

History | Environment | Level of Functionality | Physical Condition | Pain | Nutrition | Medical Information | Systemics | Wellness History | Current Medication List | Psychosocial Profile | Legal Documents

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Cost-Effective Plans & Pricing

Because Senior Solutions for South Florida has operated in the same region for over 30 years, we have the ability to access the finest services and resources at the best prices. In 100% of the cases, if you don't call us, we can't help you.